The Rise Of Digital Marketing

The rise of digital marketing technologies has changed completely the incorporation of businesses into word. Every aspect of businesses process has hit a new level, from employee’s communication to potentials customers, an online marketing approach become crucial from small sized businesses to large ones. It is imperative that businesses should adopt dedicated digital marketing in order to avoid becoming obsolete.

the rise

The rise of DM


Certainly not the time were the digital marketing would touch its highness but more would be accomplished. At the beginning of each year, the prediction comes from every angles for the year ahead and current digital marketing trends.

David Tomas [1], a cofounder of Cyberclick Group, one of leading digital marketing company in Europe, which was named this year the Best workplace consecutively in 2014 and 2015.

David Tomas has declared that during his 16 year of leading a digital marketing organisation, he mastered the growth of art of predicting of trends. And specially for year 2016, he would like to offer to seven need to know for a marketing strategy.

Embrace ad blockers: Fighting against ad blockers in 2016 would be a difficult fight to win. The only way to deal with the multiple adverts is to be accustomed with ad blockers by familiarising with the opportunities that can arise with the escalation of ad blocking software. There is today an enormous reduction in conversation rates and impressions along with increase in advertising costs, this is a time to improve a marketing strategy and start using native advertising because it is interesting and relevant to the consumer, and will always result in higher impressions and leads.

Native vs Digital

Native Ads

Native advertising is defined as a form of paid media where the ad experience follows the natural form and function of the user experience in which it is placed. [3]

Many platforms on the web such YouTube, Facebook, Twitter and WordPress have adopted native advertising


The time of spending lot of money on television, newspaper and radio ads is nearly gone. Such old school of advertising are not only expensive nowadays but it seems that they are not well target as they offer any guarantees of getting back what the organisation is looking for their market budget. As a result, the Internet has offered much more opportunities with advent of digital marketing.

The spending on digital marketing will continue to grow every single year. Year 2015 has seen an important increase up to 15% and in 2016 the increase would reach a high.

Spending on high

Spending on high

There are several reasons for any types of businesses to stop wasting money on traditional marketing methods, here are convinced reasons to start spending the marketing budget on digital marketing.

  1. It is certain to measure the result from digital marketing

Unlike traditional methods, digital marketing provide a real time results on what is working and what is not as far as the marketing campaigns are concerned. This will provide with the capacities of having access to advanced analytics possibilities by evaluating the key metrics of the digital marketing campaigns.

This approach can help to fine tune the campaigns for maximum results by controlling the exact amount of traffic generated, the location, the demographics, the behaviour of the audiences even the devices used to access or view your ads.

  1. Easy control over your audiences and budget

It is understood that the greatest benefits of digital marketing would be the ability to choose some category of people to see your ads. Then the adverts would be targeted to the people who have shown interest or would be interested on the products or services.

  1. Consumers spending more time online

The more time consumers spend online the more attention you could get. The popularity of Internet and the immense growth on use of mobile devices have increase the number of people accessing the web online.

In 2005, there were almost 1 billion of regular Internet users, by 2014 the number has almost tripled and it is estimated that from now to 2020, it will be 38 Billion devices in the world, therefore, it will boost the sense for any business to spend their marketing budget on digital marketing since this is the platform where the consumers like to spend their precious time.

  1. Immediate results

With traditional methods, it will take days, weeks and months to see the performance and the results but in digital marketing methods there is the possibility of generating instant results like in Google Adwords. This is possible to set up a campaign and start making sales at the same time while collecting data real data for further optimisation.

Spending on digital marketing is projected to increase by 12% to 15% on average. Social media’s share of the total marketing budget will grow from 10% in 2015 to 14% this year, while spending on offline advertising will fall 2%.



A large majority of marketers think that now it is a real time to begin a rapid change in the way the marketing function is run. Mayur Gupta, a global head of marketing technology and innovation at Kimberly-Clark has declared “You can look at future disruption as a multiple of what happened in the past. Disruption in the last five years might show you what will happen in the next three. Disruption accelerates exponentially

Many questions have been asked to the marketers on whether they would agree with the statement that change of approach need to be done over the next 3 to 5 year in order to better support the business. The answers to this statement were scored on a scale from 1 to 10, with an important number strongly disagreed, they believe that no need to change anything about marketing


In March 2016, the Marketing Institute of Ireland has released a report showing that 70% of Irish marketing are ready to increase their marketing budget given to social media in 2016.

According to their opinions, Facebook still a most favour and important social platform for the ggrowth of the business with average of 51% of businesses, then comes Instagram and Twitter on 22% and 21% respectively. This research was revealed ahead of very important DMX Dublin conference, the largest and important digital marketing conference which takes place on 9th of March at Aviva Stadium.

LinkedIn and Twitter remain the platform most likely to see a very big increase in activities as they are becoming most preferred platform adopted by the marketers, whilst snapchat see a significant increase of it activities from last year to date. Facebook is performing exceptionally good with more that 60% stating that they are looking to increase their activities in 2026.

social media trends

Social media trends


The Irish digital marketing community has been always very loyal of the new advertising policies and regulations around the use of social medial for digital marketing. The Advertising Standards Authority intends to shut down on influencer who are not declaring their paid posts.

Irish marketing survey

Irish marketing survey

As more than 35% of Irish marketers stated that they had used some types of digital influencer to promote their brand activities, with 24% of this category paying them for their involvement.

The use of social digital influencers is set to increase dramatically in Ireland this year, with many organisations already starting to increase their prominent bloggers, You Tube, Twitter and Instagram users.

Impact commercial 2016

DM Impact commercial 2016



70% of Irish Marketers plan to increase marketing budget given to social media in 2016

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